Blacklisted Candidates

In every industry we can see number of candidates whose behavior is bad in terms of their mindset or character or due to any other issue. We are having the candidates who are mostly related to educational field. So, we request all the Institutions or Consultant to verify their behavioral issues first then they should hire them. The best solution is that we should have common platform for this industry as other industry is having. So that all can be get benefited to minimize the loss of Time, Money and spending the huge time with this type of candidate. By our website we are going to showcase the candidates data who has done misbehave while recruitment process either with our organization team or the employer where we have recruited them. Our opinion towards these kinds of candidates is that we should not hire in any of the organization as they themselves do not have ethics, what they are going to teach to the upcoming youth. They are spoiling the future of the bright students.

We are putting 3 levels to filter these candidates so that they can trace easily.

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