Blacklisted Institutions

In every industry there are few employers which do not have ethics in terms of their dealing either with the behavioral part or it is the matter of money. In our opinion all the relationship between the organization should be healthy whether we do trade or not in between. Money is not the matter everywhere. The trust should be there in between the parties. The best solution is that we should have common platform for this industry as other industry is having. So that all can be get benefited to minimize the loss of Time, Money and spending the huge time with this type of Institutions. By our website we are going to showcase the Institute data that has done unhealthy talk and default in the payments. The payment where we got delayed we are not including in this; we are sharing the list of the institutions where they haven’t done the payment of the respective services. So, being a service provider to them can have agreement accordingly otherwise do not give services where you need to take the payment later on. Better to work these types of institutions by taking advance money from them. Our opinion towards these kinds of institutions is that we should not give services in any of the organization as they themselves do not have ethics, what they are going to give to the vendors.

We are putting 4 levels to filter these Institutions so that they can trace easily.

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