What is Campus Ambassador Program?

    It is a kind of internship program by many organizations. They promote their product or services among College or University students and maintain theirbrand presence. In this the organisation chooses and appoints few ambassadors to represent the SVS Global. For this we can take an example of Microsoft, It selects the students and then trains them about the various Microsoft technologies. Students are given access to the company's products and services.

    The student ambassadors need to counsel the fellow students & need to tell how the things move on. In most of the institutions they need to spend 3 to 4 hours in a week with fellow groups. This program gives the real experience to them during their studies.

    SVS global is in the process of building a new platform designed to help students & working professionals to develop their leadership skills & evolve themselves at Senior Management or Executive Level Roles (while earning top-tier compensation).

    Regarding this, we are building an initialunit of Campus Ambassadors or Student Partners for the concept of building fast track careers by developing their leadership skills.

How the Campus Ambassador Program is different from an Internship?

    An internship is a temporary employment where a student has to perform preciseresponsibilities assigned to them. At that time, they will be getting training on the skills which are required to complete the internship work assigned to them. The interns get paid as per their performance and in some cases you will get real experience or the subject credit. The internship comprises of the time which is of 45 days to 180 days, and it can be full time or part time work during any time in the year.

    Campus Ambassador Program are informal positions, where you not working from any office but responsible for mouth publicity about SVS Global. In this program they are given with the minimum supervision, and you can find your own ways to perform the given tasks. This program gives you the networking opportunities from minded students, mentors etc.
    In short both the programs give them the real experience which translates the skills on your resume. Regarding this, we are building an initialunit of Campus Ambassadors or Student Partners for the concept of building fast track careers by developing their leadership skills.

What is the role of a campus ambassador?
  • To do the mouth publicity about SVS Global services among the institution students
  • To encourage a student community with the knowledge of their services
  • To be the face and voice of the company in his or her campus on behalf of the company's mission
  • Organize various events like workshop, Group discussions etc.
  • To initiate promotional activities such as digital marketing, social media promotions etc.
  • To help us to understand your campus culture by serving as the liaison between us & your institution
  • To share your experiences, build relationships on campus with the faculty & student groups

Why you want to be a part of campus ambassador program?
  • A well-organized campus ambassador program will gives you many learning opportunities to the students. They will be the first on their campus to learn about SVS Global services and its features.
  • Students will learn many skills which are hidden in them such as public speaking, social media, digital marketing, team management, organizing events, contents, and technical skills.
  • The most valuable benefit of this program is to provide opportunities so that they get connected with corporate people in attainment of corporate culture and how they can focus for their career growth
  • Campus ambassador program provides you the Certificate of Excellence, Rewards & Incentives, Mentorship and Pre placement as per their performance.
  • Invitation by SVS Global for special events, training program or conferences.
  • The Campus Ambassador Program experience gives an added advantage on your resume.

Eligibility Criteria
  • A self-motivated final or pre-final year student across any department who is passionate about Leadership Development.
  • Passionate to learn, creative, innovative and public speaking.
  • Strong Communication,Inter-personal and Marketing Skills
  • Able to plan and execute the events
  • Active involvement in extra co- curricular activities in the campus.
  • Students having strong leadership and immense love for entrepreneurship and business, are most welcome to be a part of our extended family on their institution